About Us

TerraQuest – Where Technology & Innovation Meets Desires!
TerraQuest International Pvt. Ltd. is a Spain based Company, formally registered with Government of Pakistan Bodies in 2015. We are one of the multidisciplinary Company in Industrial and Residential sector in Pakistan.

TerraQuest International – Fueling The Future

Who we are?


stablished in 2012, TerraQuest International Pvt. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “TQi”), is a Spanish Company registered in Pakistan in 2015, one of the multidisciplinary Company for industrial sector including Power Plants, oil & gas (E&P) Processing Facilities, Cement, Glass, Steel, Food beverage, Chemical and Fertilizer plants. The origins of our supplies include material and spares supply from all USA, Western manufacturers and Asia. Our dedicated teams are delivering world-class professional services to each Customer.
TQi undertakes supply of complex and challenging equipment of precision technology, which is engineering rich in an International environment.

Our distribution and supply services extend from innovative state-of-the-art Electrical, Instrumentation, Mechanical and Civil concepts and front end engineering capabilities to understand and deliver the engineering items identification to ensure smooth supply of equipment / parts of precise engineering specifications within shortest possible time. TQi holds a portfolio of strategic investment in Power Plants and Oil & Gas (E&P), Petrochemical, Cement, Glass, Steel, Food beverage, Chemical and Fertilizer equipment. We have strong network with OEMs, stockists, dealers and distributors all over Pakistan and internationally for fast response and better support to effectively manage your facility and warehouse inventories.

Our Values:
With our partners, our products and services, TerraQuest live these values:

1. Relentless focus on our customer imperatives.
2. Commitment to excellence, problem solving and innovation.
3. To create shareholder value by delivering well engineered products, services and solutions in innovative, timely and cost effective ways.
4. Trust in employees, respect customers and changing lives.
5. Development of individuals as part of the better community.

TQi is the turnkey, solution for your all facilities and for all the products.

We at TQi also deal in rental equipment including Power Generators, Air Compressors, Storage Tanks and Motors/pumps.

Turnkey Solution

  • Site visits for gathering information
  • Preparation of feasibility reports & budgetary estimates
  • Preparation of ITB documents
  • Project Engineering & Design
  • Site Construction/Execution
  • Installation
  • Product research
  • Clarifications from Customer to save time

  • Procurement
  • Pre shipping inspection
  • Marking & tagging
  • Customized packaging
  • Shipment
  • Technical documentation
  • Commissioning & Start-up
  • Training
  • Warranty & Spare parts

Our Areas Of Expertise

Field & System Engineering / 92%
Design in Instrumentation & Control Engineering / 84%
Clean Renewable Energy Solution / 97%
Security Surveillance System and Solutions / 90%
Construction Equipment / 96%