Design & Engineering Solution

At TerraQuest, we pride ourselves on providing our Industrial and Residential Customers a wide array of services to meet their engineering needs.

Making a difference by design

From feasibility and product characterization studies to design reviews, drawings, architecture development through site visits and landfill design as well as construction oversight we aim to bring you innovative and efficient service solutions.
Our primary body of service revolves around conducting studies, design solutions, construction oversight and product characterization and site studies. We strive to provide time, energy and cost savings to our clients through a dedication to innovative practices.

Selecting the right design and engineering team is essential to a customer’s success when bringing a new product to market, or when re-launching an existing product with new features. Key success metrics for our customers are time to market and cost to market, which can be negatively impacted if the design proves difficult to manufacture when volume demands hit.

we are committed to providing an extensive range of turnkey, and value-added design and engineering services that complement our full system, integrated manufacturing solutions strategy.

You Dream, We Design

A design partner that is well integrated with the manufacturing team will help minimize the risks of time to market and cost to market.