Storage, Transportation and Freight Management

Through our proactive Supply Chain division we are able to provide you the single source to manage safe storage of your material, your global transportation and freights, providing you the comfort, ease and capacity to extend your business reach.

We customize our warehousing & Distribution services to your unique requirements.

TerraQuest International offers a wide range of distribution solutions that integrates warehousing and distribution management. Distribution constitutes a major portion of logistics expenses and recognizing this fact, TQi combines strong know-how, latest technology, and customized Logistics and freight management service to achieve breakthrough cost and continuous service improvement. We customize our warehousing & Distribution services to your unique requirements. Companies of all sizes have trusted us to store and distribute their products.

If you need warehousing and distribution services please contact us today to discuss how TQi and Movers warehousing and distribution services can drive your business forward. TerraQuest International will be a virtual extension of your business with the benefit of convenience, flexibility, and cost-effective service.

Backed by its seamless and efficient Road, Air, Sea and Sea/Air freight forwarding services, advanced technology, strategic facilities and worldwide agent network we have engaged professional experts to transfer their knowledge and experience in building the overall communication and transportation infrastructure.

To The Right Place, At The Right Time

We provide specialized storage services and inroad transportation through our own vehicles and all our facilities are compliance and are strict on regulations.